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What our clients say

Hi Elmari and Marietha

On Behalf of my colleagues and myself, we just have to applaud you and your team… 👏

We  booked the Mindful morning package and we where totally amazed by what the packaged entailed, we did not expect this at all… the morning yoga session by the river was so relaxing and calming just been in touch with nature, the art therapy session was hands down the winner we all loved it and found it to be so therapeutic and helped us de-stress and just tap into our creative side and bearing in mind we all coming from Finance backgrounds…  the massage and facial treatments made us want to take your therapists home with us, we all were so relaxed after that we could literally fall asleep…. and then to end it off with such delicious lunch and dessert… it ended off beautiful day!! 

The entire experience and hospitality from your team was astounding!!! Georgina went the extra mile she attended to every need of ours.. we felt so special!!!

We will definitely be back again!!! This was our team build and it really had the best of both worlds we  where able to do group activities together and still have our treatments so you interacted with your team and still had some alone time to de-stress and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery! 

Kind Regards